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by Bobbi Kidder


Role playing, improvisation, pantomime, and other activities help students to think on their feet, develop problem-solving skills, communicate more effectively, and take risks—all while having a good time.

Big Window book
Big Window

Everything has changed for Kate Raymond. After her divorce from a slick L.A. lawyer, she moves to a small northwest town, gets a job as a high school drama teacher and begins the process of rebuilding her life. In the first of many surprises, she is given a special assignment working with "last chance" students, including Jared, an angry young man with a plan. Rudy Lee, Kate's friend with attitude; Frank, her hard-edged colleague; and a host of troubled and troubling kids all come at one time or another to the sofa in front of the big window in Kate's classroom. With humor and a little help from her friends, Kate gets through the first year of her new life.

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