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Bobbi Kidder empowers others to envision their preferred futures. She works around the world helping individuals, educators, businesses, and communities claim themselves.


These are where we play our way to healing. Examples:

  • Re-storying the Personal Narrative. Brain research shows that we can carve new neuropathways.

  • Addressing Conflict. We work with kindness and civility to bring tools to manage, resolve, and transform thorny issues.
      1) Conflict management identifies the nature of the specific conflict.
      2) Conflict resolution encourages communication, collaboration, and empathy of the identified conflict.  
    Conflict transformation embraces radical forgiveness, attunement, and a commitment to change. 

  • "Points of Light" is a 1-2 day workshop featuring the basics of Drama and Creative Arts Therapy for therapists and educators.

  • "Improv SPA Day" utilizes the strengths of improvisation and focuses on spontaneity, playfulness, and attunement throughout the activities. Great for all ages.


These can be short term or long term, and are offered at your preferred site, targeting your specific needs. Bobbi consults with teachers, individuals, and communities. For example, she has worked at senior centers to help residents  navigate the pain of being alone during the holidays. Bobbi has also worked with Martha and Mary, a convalescent/retirement home, to elicit moments of illumination in an intergenerational project that included kindergarten children. 


These are intensive and purposeful multi-day explorations where a community forms in a powerful way. For example, Bobbi co-created Living Waters, a restorative pre-holiday retreat that took participants to Mount Angel in Oregon. The retreat featured time to write, be silent, and do gentle movement and conversation with a group. The participants also broke out into smaller story circles to explore more deeply. Retreats help de-escalate anxiety and leave people restored and reinvigorated.

I am supposing, or perhaps only hoping, that our future may be found in the past’s fugitive moments of compassion.

~Howard Zinn, Author & Activist

A creative adventure! Bobbi's signature model is called “Briskworks.” In it, we focus on the creative process of putting on a performance in a concentrated timeframe. In about 5-6 days, a community assembles, utilizes, and hones their skills around staging and performing a story based on a central theme. This is done with businesses and communities.

Customized Healing

Bobbi gladly customizes programs for your specific needs. Some examples:

  • Guest workshops at businesses creating crucial mission statements

  • Inside Out. This took place at a correctional facility; participants sought to rejuvenate their community by connecting over play and performance

  • Wisdoms and Reflections. This featured us interviewing retirement community members to create portraits that were displayed in a life-affirming gallery, complete with an opening reception.

  • Decades. Through storytelling and scenes, this addressed differences in perceptions and goals of different age groups. 

Whether you’re aiming for personal, professional, or community affirmation and transformation, your goals will be met and reinforced with follow-up sessions.

Customized Healing
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