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Art of Parachuting

Extracted from “The Art of Parachuting” (as yet unpublished)

Journalists call the process of coming to a location, quickly discovering the truth and details of a story, using their skills to report and promptly return home “parachuting”. Drama therapists can also relate to this metaphor. Much of our work—either in advocacy, international work, or training can be short term. To do this work we cannot forsake understanding the rich nuances of a culture, the complexity of relationships, and the extent of existing barriers and potential within a group. We must achieve a balance between the specificity of our goals and the presenting needs of the group. Much can be done in advance of the workshop to gain clarity. As well, a good foundation of tolerance for ambiguity and partnership with client/students is essential. Whether in a workshop, “camp” sessions, retreats, or a class, the importance of attunement, gaining acceptance and trust through creative and inclusive play, and allowing a sense of client/student agency to impact the process and outcome of the session is essential… As well, a combination of Kronos and Kairos timing blending will ensure the appropriate focus of time as a resource..

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